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Peter Vekselman,
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Peter has coached hundreds of small business owners on how to grow exponentially & successfully scale their business. It's all about your company's culture, values, and goals. 
Identify Your Dream Client
Not every client is going to be a perfect fit for your unique coaching style, and that's okay -- it's better to focus your time and energy on the people who will truly get the most out of your services.

With the right branding, marketing and evaluation tactics, you can attract more of your ideal clients and weed out the ones who won't work well with you.

Find Your Niche
We explore finding your niche. Our program helps you identify your strengths & weakness. We research your industry to find what other businesses are doing. How does your business fit into this puzzle?

Create an Avatar of Your Ideal Client
Together we build several versions of your Dream Client. What does each avatar respond to? What do they read? What drives them? How can I relate to them? How will each respond to my message?

Social Networking
 Next we dive into each Avatar's social network. What groups do they belong to? How can I communicate with my Dream Client using Social Media Platforms? We strategize how and where to connect. 

Grow Your Dream Team
Peter's program gives you one-on-one strategy sessions and tools to make a difference in your business.
Generic leadership programs are ineffective. We co-design custom, tailored leadership development programs that incorporate the skills and capabilities most needed by your people to win.

Growing Your Team | Transition | Onboarding
We support your organization's need to continue developing talent and the transition of those ready for a new, more challenging assignment and those on-boarding to the organization.

Strategic Leadership Review
This solution provides a thorough, objective assessment of an organization's leadership team. At crucial times, this team leadership assessment allows the organization to rapidly define who should be "on the bus" and re-configure the leading team accordingly.
Scale Your Dream Business
Our program brings together your Dream Clients & Dream Team to build your Dream Business. Learn the secrets to scaling and the common pitfalls that "stuck" business fall into.

When You Trade Time for Money, Eventually You Run Out of Time
Most service-based entrepreneurs that are good at what they do eventually reach a point in their business where the demand for their services exceeds their available supply. Learn how to overcome this roadblock.

Raise Your Prices. Change the Way You Charge
Together we will discover creative ways to evolve past your traditional pricing models. We will structure new methodologies that charge your clients in ways that better serve them and allow your business to scale. 

Utilize Your Dream Team to Work on a Deeper Level
Properly hired & trained employees can take on more responsibility than you think. Together we will learn how to challenge your team to reach outside the box. Engaged employees are happy employees that are investing in helping your business grow.
Peter's Approach
Why is building your dream team & identifying your dream client so important?
Culture is a powerful advantage. Build your desired culture by working with your executives to reinforce the values and leadership principles critical to your success. Create an environment where your client's vision is supported and your team is primed to support them. 
We align our program towards understanding what makes your team cohesive and your people most successful. We focus on assessing, coaching, and strategically planning your team members unique strengths. We have honed our expertise to deliver specific, targeted, and personalized guidance that will maximize the performance of your executives and teams.

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